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Roadhost Industry Co., Ltd. as a leading wheel enterprise in China pay high attention to technology research and innovations. With our professional technical team that most of them have at least 10 years experience in this field, Roadhost ranked the country’s leading level in wheel innovation and development. Our dynamic balance test, run-out measuring testing, harmonic wave test, leak test, radial fatigue test and dynamic cornering fatigue test reached the international advanced level. Our researchers succeed in roll-forming wheel production, light wheel production, High-end wheels included full face wheels and semi-full face wheels, high vent wheels production as well as professional painting technology. 

Our strong R&D team have successfully developed a brand new series of full face wheels for replicas of OEMs for North America market. SFW1, SFW2, SFW3, FW1, FW2, FW3 have been proved to be successful since we launched them on the markets in 2013. More new sizes are under development.

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